Campus life

From time to time it looks like the students are having too much fun as opposed to “serious” academic endeavors, because their schedule reminds one of a constant weekend: they might be visiting a museum, meeting with a famous artist, practicing craft techniques and so on.

But all these types of studies are very important parts of the educational program and intensive theoretical fundamental background is an absolute requirement for it. But serious doesn’t have to mean boring!   

Choir Musical (vocal) Culture


Our students enjoy a unique opportunity to realize their creative potential combining fundamental theoretical knowledge with actual musical practice. The major “Musical (vocal) Culture” graduates professionals with expert critical position, management skills, wide cultural background and a professional singing ability. Our graduates successfully work both in academic choirs and in the field of show business.   



Our students work as interns every academic year. There is a large variety of internships, each specifically suited for a specific major. For instance, the students of the Museology Department go on archeological expeditions, try their hand in organizing exhibitions, serve as tourist guides.


Art historians visit different museums, improve their skills in restoration, get a first-hand experience of the gallery business. Designers carry out their own projects in environmental design and photo-design, searching for optimal balance between beauty, extravagance and practicability.  Cultural Studies students find out what cross-cultural communication means in real life.